Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service experience-cloud-id-service

The Experience Cloud Identity Service enables the common identification framework for Experience Cloud Application and Services. It works by assigning a unique, persistent ID known as the Experience Cloud ID (ECID) to a site visitor.

Understanding the main entities of identity

To better understand how Adobe helps uniquely identify visitors and resolves identity information, reade the breakdown below:

  • Experience Cloud Identity Service: The Experience Cloud Identity Service is responsible for setting the Experience Cloud ID (ECID). For more information, read the Experience Cloud Identity Service overview.
  • Experience Cloud ID (ECID): The ECID is a shared identity namespace used across Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud applications to identify people and devices. For more information on the ECID, read the ECID overview.
  • Experience Platform Identity Service: The Experience Platform Identity Service provides you with a comprehensive view of your customers and their behavior by bridging identities across devices and systems. For more information, read Experience Platform Identity Service overview.

Getting Started

Experience Cloud ID Javascript Libraries

JavaScript for the Experience Cloud Identity Service is located at:

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Release Notes

Version 4.4 July 17, 2019 release includes support for the SHA-256 hashing algorithm that allows you to pass in customer IDs or email addresses, and pass out hashed IDs.

Version 4.0 February 12, 2019 release includes the Opt-in service used to identify if you can place a cookie on a user's device or browser when visiting your site.

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