resetBeforeVersion resetbeforeversion

This configuration lets you clear orphaned or stale Experience Cloud IDs (ECIDs) based on the ID Service version being updated.

Providing your ID Service version as the value of the resetBeforeVersion variable will cause for outdated ECIDs to be cleared from client-side IDs.

Some conditions, such as session timeouts, could sometimes result in a client-side ID being generated without the ID Service successfully getting a server-side ID. When this happens, an orphan client-side ID is tracked by ID Service without the ability to be tracked across domains or properly sync with other solutions. The behavior compares the version in the current AMCV cookie with the value of resetBeforeVersion. If either the cookie doesn’t exist or the cookie’s version is less (older) than the latest released version of resetBeforeVersion, then the AMCV cookie is removed and the ID Service requests a fresh ECID.

For visitors who have third-party Demdex cookies on their browser, the ECID is checked to see if it was correctly generated using the UUID in the Demdex cookie. If that check proves true, then the new ECID will be the same, and the visitor will be considered new. If for some reason the ECID being cleared out was not generated using the Demdex cookie, or if there is no Demdex cookie, the visitor will receive a new ECID and will be considered new.

Syntax: resetBeforeVersion = "3.3"

Code Sample

//Call the ID service
var visitor = Visitor.getInstance ("Insert Marketing Cloud organization ID here", {

    //Same as s.trackingServer
    trackingServer: "Insert tracking server here ",

    //Same as s.trackingServerSecure
    trackingServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here",

    //For CNAME support only. Exclude these variables if you're not using CNAME
    marketingCloudServer: "Insert tracking server here",
    marketingCloudServerSecure: "Insert secure tracking server here",

    //Changing the version
    resetBeforeVersion: "3.3"