Using Opt-in Services with IAB Framework using-opt-in-services-with-iab-framework

The following document only applies to IAB 2.0. Users need to use Visitor.js version 5.0 to work with IAB 2.0.

Connect the Consent Management Platform (CMP) with Opt-in’s IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) plugin.

Adobe Audience Manager customers using IAB TCF can connect their Consent Management Platform (CMP) with Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin. Opt-in is a feature embedded within the ECID JavaScript library that can disable individual Adobe solution libraries depending on visitor preferences set within a CMP. When Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin is implemented with the ECID library, visitor preferences from your CMP that supports IAB TCF are mapped automatically to Opt-in. These preferences will enable Audience Manager based libraries (DIL and ECID) and associated calls when consent is received.

Implement a CMP that supports IAB section-9fd2403b548947dbb1921ac6ff9d0c82

In order for Opt-In to integrate with the IAB TCF, you need to complete the following:

  1. Implement a CMP that supports IAB and is registered as an IAB vendor, or develop an in-house CMP that implements the IAB TCF spec, and register as a CMP with IAB TCF.
  2. Define/Load the __tcfapi before loading the Adobe JS.

For more details, please read the  Interactive Advertising Bureau docs.

Enable Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin within your ECID Javascript Library section-77bf1b9ed67241a59e56c21ab752e82f

Opt-in is only available in ECID 4.0+.

Use Adobe Experience Platform Launch to implement Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin for your site. When enabling IAB for Opt-in manually, check to make sure the following settings are set to true within the Visitor object:

Visitor.getInstance("YOUR_ORG_ID", {
  doesOptInApply: true,
  isIabContext: true

Once settings are configured properly, ECID and DIL libraries will be enabled/disabled depending on consent criteria from the CMP and IAB TCF.

Audience Manager needs consent for Purpose 1 and Purpose 10, plus vendor consent in order to deploy cookies and initiate or honor ID syncs. Read more about the Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin in Audience Manager documentation here.

For more information on how to validate Opt-in’s IAB TCF plugin, check use case #4 in the validation guide here.

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  • Your Privacy Choices - Another privacy option at your users’ disposal is the ability to opt out of all data collection using other global opt-out tools. Global Opt-Out takes precedence over the Opt-In and IAB TCF verification