Product guardrails guardrails

Entitlements, product limitations and performance guardrails are listed in Adobe Campaign Managed Cloud Services product description page.

You will find below additional guardrails and limitations when using Adobe Campaign.

Guardrails and limitations identify capabilities, architecture, or processes that are not supported by this release of the product, or that do not interoperate correctly with it. Review these limitations carefully.

  • Adobe Campaign v8 is not available for on-premise/hybrid deployments - only released as an Adobe Managed Cloud Service
  • No automatic migration to Adobe Campaign v8 is available for existing customers
  • In the context of an Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, no bi-directional data replication is provided: replication happens only from the Campaign local database to the Cloud database
  • Capabilities listed in this section are not available in the current Campaign v8 build
  • Some non-available or removed features are still visible in the user interface
  • In the context of an Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, subscription (opt-in) and unsubscription (opt-out) mechanisms, and Mobile registration are asynchronous processes. Requests are processed each hour through a specific technical workflow. Learn more
  • In the context of an Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, duplicates need to be handled manually by end-users. Learn more
  • Adobe Campaign v8 does not support extended throughput on API and web applications - in case of specific needs, contact Adobe to get guidance
  • In the context of an Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, Adobe Campaign Campaign Optimization module does not take into account scheduled deliveries in pressure typology rules. Learn more in this page