Add personalization fields personalization-fields

Use personalization fields to deliver personalized content on a one-to-one basis, based on the rules you set for each recipient.

A personalization field is a single data field reference used when personalizing a delivery for a specific recipient. The actual data value is inserted during the delivery analysis phase.

message personalization sample


A personalization tag always uses the following syntax: <%=table.field%>.

For example, to insert the name of the recipient, stored in the recipient table, the personalization field uses the <%= recipient.lastName %> syntax.

Personalization fields content cannot exceed 1024 characters.

Insert a personalization field insert-a-personalization-field

To insert personalization fields, click the drop-down icon that is accessible from any header, subject, or message body field.

insert a personalization field

The personalization fields are inserted, and ready to be interpreted by Adobe Campaign: during message preparation, the fields are replaced by their value for a given recipient.

personalization fields in an email

This replacement can then be tested in the Preview tab.

Use case: personalize email subject personalization-fields-uc

In the use case below, learn how to personalize an email subject and body with recipient data:

  1. Create a new delivery or open an existing email delivery.
  2. Browse to the Subject link to edit the subject of the message.
  3. Enter " Special offer for " and use the button in the toolbar to insert a personalization field. Select Recipients>Title.
  4. Repeat the operation to insert the name of the recipient. Insert spaces between all the personalization fields.
  5. Click OK to validate.
  6. Insert the personalization in the message body. To do this, click in the message content and click the field insertion button.
  7. Select Recipient>Other….
  8. Select the field with the information to display and click OK.
  9. Click the Preview tab to view the personalization result. You must select a recipient to display that recipient’s message.

Tutorial video personalization-field-video

Learn how to add a personalization field to the subject line and the content of an email delivery in the following video.