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Need help as you are working with Campaign? Read the top questions / answers below.

  1. How can I upgrade Campaign to the latest version?

    Adobe Campaign is regularly updated. Minor versions are released every year with new features, improvements and fixes. In addition, we periodically release builds with cumulative fixes only.

    This regular frequency of updates aims at getting the latest and greatest in your hands, keeping your environment secure and improving your experience with our product. This is the reason why we believe it is critical that you run the most recent version of Adobe Campaign.

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    As a Managed Cloud Services user, your instance is upgraded by Adobe with every new release.
  2. How can I connect to Campaign v8?

    You need to download and install Campaign client console to connect to Adobe Campaign.

    Click here to learn more.

    Starting Campaign v8.6 release, you have access to the new Campaign Web user interface, available through the central Adobe Experience Cloud environment. Experience Cloud is Adobe’s integrated family of digital marketing applications, products, and services. From its intuitive interface, you can quickly access your cloud applications, product features, and services.

    Learn how to connect to Adobe Experience Cloud, and access Adobe Campaign Web interface in this page.

    Learn more in the Adobe Campaign Web user interface documentation.

  3. Can Campaign v8 be installed on an on-premise or hybrid environment?

    Campaign v8 is only available in Managed Cloud Services, fully hosted by Adobe.

  4. How to improve email deliverability?

    Email deliverability, a critical component to every sender’s marketing program success, is characterized by ever-changing criteria and rules. Effectively navigating in this digital world requires regular tuning of your email strategy, with consideration to key deliverability trends, to best reach your audiences.

    Refer to this guide to learn Delivrability Best Practices

    Learn how to implement deliverability in Campaign in this guide

  5. How can I make sure my delivery is sent without errors?

    Adobe Campaign comes with a set of dashboards and tools to monitor your email deliveries.

    Read out Campaign Classic v7 documentation to learn how to make sure your messages are being sent, monitor the execution and engage action if an error occurs.

  6. Can I monitor workflow execution?

    Understand how to monitor Campaign workflow execution this page

  7. Which systems and components Campaign v8 is compatible with?

    You can get the list of all systems and components supported for the latest build of Campaign in Adobe Campaign Compatibility matrix.

  8. What is the procedure for domain delegation?

    A subdomain is a division of your domain that can be used to isolate your brands, or various types of traffic (transactional messages, marketing information, etc.).

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    As a Managed Cloud Services user, contact Adobe to delegate your subdomains to Adobe.
  9. As a Campaign Classic v7 user, can I migrate to Campaign v8?

    Automated migration from an existing Campaign Classic v7 environment is not yet available.

    Campaign v8 is only available as a Managed Cloud Service, and cannot be deployed on an on-premise or hybrid environments.

    For more information about the migration process, reach out to your Adobe representative.

  10. How can I download Campaign?

    You can get the installation program and the client console from Adobe Download Center.

    As an Admin user, access Adobe Software Distribution {target=“_blank”} to download Adobe Campaign.

    Learn more about the Distribution Center in this page.

  11. Can I connect with Campaign experts?

    Join Campaign Community: search for answers in existing question or ask the experts. Join the conversation

  12. How can I log an issue?

    Creating a case allows you to contact the Adobe Customer Support Team about any issues that you face with your Adobe products. To help resolve or troubleshoot your issues, the Adobe Admin Console will allow you to chat with Adobe Customer Support.

    To log an issue or start a chat session in that new system, connect to Adobe Admin Console.

    This system requires individual accounts for each user, with correct permissions. If you find that you can’t log in with your Adobe ID, request access via the Experience League, and the Customer Care team will get you set up as soon as possible. Learn more