Manage subscriptions and unsubscriptions optin-optout

Use Adobe Campaign to create and monitor your information services such as newsletters and to manage the subscriptions/unsubscriptions to these services. Several services can be defined in parallel, for example: specialist newsletters for certain product categories, themes or areas of a web site, subscriptions to various types of alert messages and real-time notifications.

Learn how to create an information service, send newsletter and manage opt-in and opt-out in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

To subscribe (opt-in) a profile to a service, available options are:

  • Manually add the service to the recipient profile: to do this, from the Subscriptions tab of their profile, click Add and select the information service concerned.

    Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

  • Automatically subscribe a set of recipients to the service. The list of recipients can come from a filtering operation, a group, a folder, an import, or a direct manual selection. To subscribe these recipients, select the profiles and right-click. Select Actions > Subscribe selection to a serviceā€¦.

    Select the service concerned, and start the operation.

    Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

  • Import recipients and subscribe them automatically to an information service. To do this, select the service concerned in the last step of the import wizard.

    Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

  • Use a web form so that recipients can subscribe to a service.

    Campaign comes with a default web form to manage opt-in. You can personalize it and map the profile data.

    Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

  • Create a targeting workflow and using a Subscription service activity.

    Learn more in this page.

To unsubscribe (opt-out) a profile from a service, available options are:

Manual unsubscription

  • Personalized unsubscription link or web form
  • Manual deletion of an information service
  • Manual deletion of recipients from particular subscription service

Automatic unsubscription

  • Specify a duration limit of the information service: recipients will be unsubscribed automatically when the period of validity has expired. This period is specified in the Edit tab of the service properties. It is expressed in days.
  • Set up an unsubscription workflow for a population.

Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

In the context of an Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, subscriptions and unsubscriptions are asynchronous processes. Opt-in and opt-out requests are processed each hour. Learn more