Connect your CRM with Campaign gs-crm

Adobe Campaign provides various CRM connectors for linking your Adobe Campaign platform to your third-party systems. These CRM connectors enable you to synchronize contacts, accounts, purchases, etc. They make for easy integration of your application with various third-party and business applications.

These connectors enable quick and easy data integration: Adobe Campaign provides a dedicated assistant for collecting and selecting from the tables available in the CRM. This guarantees two-directional synchronization to make sure data is up-to-date at all times throughout the systems.

Key benefits are:

  • Consistent messaging between sales & marketing: the Adobe Campaign integration with your CRM gives both systems access to customer insight and email marketing history allowing all messages to the customer to share the same consistent messaging.

  • Holistic view of all prospect and customer data: by integrating Adobe Campaign with your CRM, it is possible to share and access email marketing history on each contact from within the CRM system.

  • Activate your CRM data on any channel: with contact data synchronized to Adobe Campaign, communications can be sent on any online or offline channel with Campaign including mobile push, in-app, email, or direct mail.

This feature is available in Adobe Campaign through the CRM connectors dedicated package.

Compatible systems compatible-crm-systems-and-limitations

Supported CRM and versions are detailed in Campaign Compatibility matrix.

Campaign CRM connectors only work with a secure URL (https).

Implementation steps crm-implementation-steps

Learn step-by-step procedure to connect Campaign and Microsoft Dynamics in this page.

Learn step-by-step procedure to connect Campaign and in this page.

Data synchronization between Adobe Campaign and the CRM is carried out via a dedicated workflow activity. Build your workflows to automate synchronization between Campaign and your CRM. You can create a workflow which imports the contacts via Microsoft Dynamics, synchronizes them with the existing Adobe Campaign data, deletes duplicate contacts, and then updates the Adobe Campaign database. Learn more in this page.