Link to the mirror page mirror-page

About the mirror page about-mirror-page

The mirror page is an online version of your email.

While most email clients render images without a problem, some presets can avoid displaying images for security reasons. Users can browse to the mirror page of an email, for example if they are experiencing rendering issues or broken images when trying to view it in their inbox. It is also recommended to provide an online version for accessibility reasons, or to encourage social sharing.

The mirror page generated by Adobe Campaign contains all personalization data.

mirror link sample {width="600"}

Inserting a link to the mirror page is a good practice. This link can be for example ‘View this email in your browser’ or ‘Read this online’. It is often located at the header or footer of the email.

In Adobe Campaign, you can insert a link to the mirror page in the email content using the dedicated personalization block. The built-in Link to mirror page personalization block inserts the following code in your email content: <%@ include view='MirrorPage' %>.


For more on inserting personalization content blocks, refer to Personalization blocks.

Manage the mirror page generation mirror-page-generation

By default, the mirror page is automatically generated by Adobe Campaign if the email content is not empty, and if it contains a link to the mirror page (aka Mirror link).

You can control the generation mode of the email mirror page. Options are available in the delivery properties. To access these options:

  1. Browse to the Validity tab of the email properties.
  2. In the Mirror page management section, check the Mode drop down list.


In addition to the default mode, the following options are available:

  • Force the generation of the mirror page: use this mode to generate the mirror page even if no link to the mirror page is inserted in the delivery.
  • Do not generate the mirror page: use this mode to avoid generating a mirror page, even if the link is present in the delivery.
  • Generates a mirror page accessible using only the message identifier: when the mirror page link is not present in the email content, use this option to enable access the content of the mirror page, in the delivery log window, as detailed below.

Check the mirror page for a recipient mirror-page-access

You can access the content of the mirror page for a specific recipient of a delivery, with personalization data.

To access this mirror page:

  1. Once the delivery is sent, open it and browse to its Delivery tab.

  2. Select a recipient and click the Display the mirror page for this message… link.


    The mirror page displays in a dedicated screen, with personalization data for the selected recipient.