Import profiles from a file create-profiles

To populate your Campaign database, you can add profiles manually or import profiles as detailed below. You can also use imported files to update contact data.

Import profiles with a workflow import-profiles-with-a-wf

Workflows can be a useful way to automate some of your import processes. Whether you import data from a local file or from a SFTP, you can use workflows to standardize your data management procedures.

Use data from a list: Read list data-from-read-list

Prepare and structure your data in a file to import it with a workflow. Learn more.

Load data from a file data-from-a-file

The data processed in a workflow can be extracted from a structured file so that it can be imported into Adobe Campaign. Learn more.

Once data has been collected you can use it in your workflows, for example to enrich a delivery or update the database. For more on this, refer to this section.

One-shot imports import-jobs

Adobe Campaign provides generic import capability which allows you, for example, to extract a list of customers or prospects who will then become part of a target population, or to supply your database with data from external files.

Generic imports are managed from the Profiles and Targets > Jobs menu of the Adobe Campaign home page.

The steps to perform a generic import are detailed in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.