Work with delivery template work-with-delivery-template

Use delivery templates to standardize the creative look and feel, in order to be quicker in executing and launching campaigns.

A template can include:

  • Typologies
  • Sender and reply-to addresses
  • Basic personalization blocks
  • Links to mirror pages and unsubscription links
  • Content, company logo, or signature
  • Other delivery properties, such as resource validity, retry parameters, or quarantine settings.

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Create a template create-a-delivery-template

To create a delivery template, you can duplicate a built-in template, convert an existing delivery into a template or create a delivery template from scratch.

Duplicate an existing template copy-an-existing-template

Campaign comes with a set of built-in templates for each channel: email, push, SMS, direct mail, and more.

The easiest way to create a delivery template is to duplicate and customize a built-in template.

To duplicate a delivery template, follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to Resources > Templates > Delivery templates in Adobe Campaign explorer.

  2. Select a built-in delivery template. Built-in templates are bolded in the list.

  3. Right-click and select Duplicate.

  4. Define the template settings and save the new template.

The template is added to the list of delivery templates. You can now select it when creating a new delivery.

Convert an existing delivery to a template convert-an-existing-delivery

A delivery can be converted to a template for new repeated delivery actions.

To convert a delivery to a template, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the delivery from the delivery list, accessible via the Campaign management node of Campaign explorer.

  2. Right-click and select Actions > Save as template….

  3. Edit the delivery properties and select the folder where the new template must be saved (in the Folder field), and the folder where the deliveries created based on this template must be created (in the Execution folder field).

Create a new template create-a-new-template

To avoid configuration errors, Adobe recommends that you duplicate a built-in template and customize its properties rather than create a new template.

To configure a delivery template from scratch, follow the steps below:

  1. Browse to the Resources folder in Campaign explorer, and select Templates then Delivery templates.
  2. Click New in the toolbar to create a new delivery template.
  3. Set the Label and the Internal name of the folder.
  4. Save your template and reopen it.
  5. From the Properties button, adapt the settings.
  6. In the General tab, confirm or change the locations selected in the Execution folder, Folder, and Routing drop-down menus.
  7. Complete the Email parameters category with your email subject and targeted population.
  8. Add your HTML content to personalize your template, you can display a mirror page link and an unsubscription link.
  9. Select the Preview tab. In the Test personalization drop-down menu, select Recipient to preview your template as the chosen profile.
  10. Click Save. Your template is now ready to be used in a delivery.

Use templates use-a-delivery-template

Create a delivery from a template create-a-delivery-from-a-template

To create a delivery based on an existing template, select the template from the list of available delivery templates.

If you cannot see your template, click the Select link folder to the right of the field to browse Campaign folders.

Select the desired directory from the Folder field, or click the Display sub-levels icon to display the contents of the directories in the sub-trees of the current directory.

Select the delivery template to be used, and click Ok.

Execute a template execute-a-template

You can launch the execution of a template directly from the template list without creating a delivery first.

To do this, select the template to be executed and right-click. Select Actions>Execute the delivery template….

You can also use File>Actions>Execute the delivery template….

Enter the delivery parameters and click Send.

This action generates a delivery in the folder associated to the template. The name of this delivery is the name of the delivery template from which it was created.

Tutorial videos delivery-template-video

How to configure a delivery template

The following video demonstrates how to configure a template for an ad hoc delivery.

How to set up delivery templates properties

The following video shows how to set the delivery template properties and explains each property in detail.

How to deploy an ad-hoc delivery template

This video explains how to deploy an ad-hoc email delivery template and it explains the difference between an email delivery and a delivery workflow.

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