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Campaign Optimization is the Adobe Campaign module which lets you control, filter and monitor the sending of deliveries. To avoid conflicts between campaigns, Adobe Campaign can test various combinations by applying specific constraint rules. This guarantees that the messages sent meet the needs and expectations of customers and company communication policies.

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Depending on your offering, Campaign Optimization can be included or an add-on. Please check your license agreement.

Typology rules and typologies typology-rules

By default, Campaign comes with built-in typologies and typology rules.

A typology is a set of verification rules applied on all messages during delivery analysis.

A campaign typology can contain several typology rules, but a delivery can only reference one typology.

Built-in typology rules and typologies are available in the Administration > Campaign management > Typology management folder of Campaign explorer.

For each typology, the Rules tab lets you add, delete or view the typology rules to apply.

Once they have been created, typology rules are grouped in campaign typologies which are referenced in deliveries. Learn more.

Campaign comes with a set of default Filtering and Control rules:

  • Filtering rules are used to exclude part of the target based on criteria. Learn more.
  • Control rules let you check the validity of messages before they are sent. Learn more.

The Campaign Optimization add-on provides two additional types of typology rules:

  • Pressure rules which let you control marketing fatigue. Learn more.
  • Capacity rules which let you limit loads to guarantee optimal processing conditions. Learn more.
If you are using the Interaction module to manage offers, you can also create Offer presentation typology rules to control the flow of offer propositions using presentation rules. Learn more.

Key steps to create and use typologies apply-typologies

To create and use a typology to your deliveries, follow the steps below:

  1. Create typology rules and create a typology to reference them into it.
    Detailed steps are listed in the following section:

  2. Configure your delivery to use the typology you created. Learn more.

  3. Test and control the behavior through campaign simulations. Learn more.

During delivery preparation, recipients are excluded when criterion is met. You can check logs to monitor exclusions.

Sample use cases on pressure typology rules are available in this page.

Tutorial videos typologies-video

Set up fatigue management using typology rules

This video explains how to implement fatigue management in Adobe Campaign by leveraging typology rules.

Set up fatigue management using predefined filters

Fatigue management controls frequency and quantity of messaging to avoid over-solicitation of recipients. If you do not have the campaign optimization module in your campaign instance, you may configure a predefined filter that will filter the target population by the number of messages received
This video explains how to implement fatigue management in Adobe Campaign by using filters.