Send a copy of your messages to a BCC address bcc

About email BCC gs-bcc

You can configure Adobe Campaign to keep a copy of emails sent from your platform. This option allow you to send messages a dedicated BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) email address, from where they can be processed and archived using an external system.
Adobe Campaign itself does not manage archived files. The .eml files corresponding to the sent emails can then be transferred to a remote server, such as an SMTP email server.

The archiving destination is the BCC email address of your choice, which will remain invisible to the delivery recipients. Once the BCC email address is defined, you must enable the dedicated option at the delivery template level.

As a Managed Cloud Services user, contact Adobe to communicate the BCC email address to be used for archiving.
For privacy reasons, BCC emails must be processed by an archiving system capable of storing securely personally identifiable information (PII).

Enable email BCC enable-bcc

To enable BCC for a specific delivery template, follow the steps below:

  1. From Campaign explorer, browse to the delivery templates folder. By default, delivery templates are stored into the Resources > Templates > Delivery templates folder.

  2. Edit the delivery template to update with BCC.

  3. Click the Properties button.

  4. From the Delivery tab, check the Email BCC option.

  5. Click Ok to confirm.

A copy of all sent messages for each delivery based on this template will be sent to the email BCC address which has been configured for your platform.

Guardrails and recommendations recommendations-bcc

When using email BCC with Adobe Campaign, the following guardrails and recommendations apply:

  • You can only use one BCC email address.

  • Make sure the BCC address has enough reception capacity to archive all the emails that are sent.

  • Email BCC delivers to the BCC email address before delivering to the recipients, which can result in BCC messages being sent even though the original deliveries may have bounced. For more on bounces, see Understand delivery failures.

  • Emails sent to the BCC address shouln not be opened and clicked through, as these activities are be taken into account in the Total opens and Clicks from the send analysis, can cause miscalculations.