Schema field group name updates

The names of several Experience Data Model (XDM) schema field groups have changed. Since the field structure of these field groups remains the same, the name changes alone should not affect any existing schemas that employ these field groups. In order to look up and use these field groups in the Adobe Experience Platform user interface, however, their new names must be used.

The following table outlines the existing field groups that have been updated, along with their corresponding new names:

Previous name
Updated name
Experience event privacy mixin
Privacy Details
ExperienceEvent application details
Application Details
ExperienceEvent channel details
Channel Details
ExperienceEvent commerce details
Commerce Details
ExperienceEvent details for advertising
Advertising Details
ExperienceEvent details for marketing
Campaign Marketing Details
ExperienceEvent details for media
Media Interaction Details
ExperienceEvent details for search
Search Details
ExperienceEvent direct marketing details
Direct Marketing Details
ExperienceEvent EndUserIDs
End User ID Details
ExperienceEvent environment details
Environment Details
ExperienceEvent implementation details
Implementation Details
ExperienceEvent profile stitch details
Profile Stitch
ExperienceEvent Segment Membership Details
Segment Membership Details
ExperienceEvent technical details
Technical Details
ExperienceEvent web details
Web Details
Profile direct marketing
Direct Marketing Contact Details
Profile person details
Demographic Details
Profile personal details
Personal Contact Details
Profile Phones
Phone Number Details
Profile preferences details
Preference Details
Profile privacy
Privacy Details
Profile push details
Push Notification Token Details
Profile segmentation
Segment Membership Details
Profile subscriptions
Subscription Details
Profile work details
Work Contact Details
Push notification details
Push Notification Details
Segment expression
Segment Expression Details