MediaAnalytics Interaction Details schema field group

MediaAnalytics Interaction Details is a standard schema field group for the XDM ExperienceEvent class. Use this field group to capture enriched data fields that comprehensively monitor and analyze interactions with media content across various platforms or channels.

A schema diagram of the MediaAnalytics Interaction Details schema field group.

Display name
Data type
Media Collection Details
Media Collection details
Attributes related to a collection of media items. Use the Media Collection fields to capture data and send it onto other Adobe services for further processing.
Media Reporting Details
Media Reporting details
Reporting details and metrics associated with the media content. * Media Reporting fields are used by Adobe services to analyze the Media Collection fields sent by users. This data, alongside other specific user metrics, are computed and reported upon.
List Of Media Collection Downloaded Content Events
Array of mediaEvent
Events that track the downloading of content within the media collection.
You can hide fields that are not used by the Media Edge API. Hiding these fields makes the schema easier to read and understand, but it is not required. These fields refer only to those in the MediaAnalytics Interaction Details fieldgroup. To improve readability in the Platform UI, follow the instructions in the Media Analytics documentation on how to hide unused fields.