IAB TCF 2.0 Consent field group for profile schemas

This document covers the IAB TCF 2.0 Consent schema field group for the XDM Individual Profile class. For the field group intended for the XDM ExperienceEvent class, refer to the following document instead.

IAB TCF 2.0 Consent is a standard schema field group for the XDM Individual Profile class used to capture a timestamped series IAB consent strings, in order to track consent-change patterns over time.

Data type
A map-type object that associates a customer’s individual identity values with different TCF consent strings. An example of this object’s structure is provided below.

The following JSON demonstrates the structure of the identityPrivacyInfo map.

  "identityPrivacyInfo": {
    "ECID": {
      "13782522493631189": {
        "identityIABConsent": {
          "consentTimestamp": "2020-04-11T05:05:05Z",
          "consentString": {
            "consentStandard": "IAB TCF",
            "consentStandardVersion": "2.0",
            "consentStringValue": "BObdrPUOevsguAfDqFENCNAAAAAmeAAA.PVAfDObdrA.DqFENCAmeAENCDA",
            "gdprApplies": true,
            "containsPersonalData": false

As the example shows, each root-level key of xdm:identityPrivacyInfo corresponds with an identity namespace recognized by Identity Service. In turn, each namespace property must have at least one sub-property whose key matches the customer’s corresponding identity value for that namespace. In this example, the customer is identified with an Experience Cloud ID (ECID) value of 13782522493631189.

While the above example uses a single namespace/value pair to represent the customer’s identity, you can add additional keys for other namespaces, and each namespace can have multiple identity values, each with their own set of TCF consent preferences.

For each identity value, an identityIABConsent property must provided, which provides the TCF consent value for the identity. The value for this property must conform to the Consent String data type.

See the guide on IAB TCF 2.0 support in Platform for more information on the use case of this field group. For more details on the field group itself, refer to the public XDM repository: