Sort order for checkout totals

During order review, the total appears at the bottom of the order, with any adjustments for discounts, shipping charges, store credit, and tax. The order of each item determines the sequence of the calculations, and is set in the configuration by a number that is assigned to each item. For example, the Subtotal is the first item in the section, and is assigned a value of 10. The Grand Total appears last, and is assigned a value of 100. All other items in the totals section are assigned a value between those values.

Order Summary displays the checkout total

To configure the checkout totals sort order:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In left panel, expand the Sales section and choose Sales underneath.

  3. Expand Expansion selector the Checkout Totals Sort Order section.

    Checkout totals options numbered to determine the sort order {width="600" modal="regular"}

    For a detailed description of each of these configuration settings, see Checkout Totals Sort Order in the Configuration Reference Guide.

  4. If the setting is for a specific store view, choose the store view where the configuration applies.

    When prompted, click OK  to continue.

  5. To determine the order in the Totals section, change the number assigned to each item.

    The lower the value, the earlier its placement in the list. In the default configuration, the Subtotal (10) is the first and Grand total (100) is the last.

    If necessary, clear the Use system value checkbox to complete these changes.

  6. Click Save Config.