Adobe Commerce Stores and Purchase Experience Guide

This guide is intended for customer service agents and sales managers working in Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. It provides detailed information about order management and purchasing features, including how the shopping cart can be configured to assist customers and promote sales. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration, and functionality.

This guide covers:

Overview of sales and purchasing functions within a Commerce instance.
Stores menu
Use the Stores menu to access tools for setting up the store hierarchy, configuration, inventory, taxes, and attributes.
Store and site structure
You could have multiple websites with a different domain, and within each website, you can have multiple stores, and within each store, separate store views.
Store views
Use store views to make the store available in different locales or with a different branding.
Store localization
Store URLs
For each web site, customize the base URL that is assigned to the storefront and the URL that is assigned to the Commerce Admin.
Configure your store to calculate taxes according to the requirements of your locale, including a value-added tax that is calculated with validation.
Review the currency symbols that appear in product prices and sales documents and customize them for each store or view.
Instant Purchase
Enable Instant Purchase on your store so that customers can speed through the checkout process using information that is saved in their account.
Shopping cart
Review the shopping cart capabilities and how you can configure them to support the customer purchase experience.
Review the checkout process and how you can configure your store to gather the information necessary to complete a transaction.
Gift card accounts
Use gift card accounts to manage how purchased gift card products are applied toward the purchase of products in your store.
Wish lists
Provide the capability for customers to create a list of products that they can share with friends, or save to transfer to the cart later.
Payment methods
Explore all the natively supported payment methods and services that you can offer for easier checkout and customer convenience.
Sales menu
Use the Sales menu to access tools for working with orders according to where they are in the workflow.
Order management
Track order progress and status through the workflow, where an order becomes an invoice and an invoice becomes a shipment.
Shipping and delivery
Set up multiple delivery methods and shipping carriers for an optimal customer experience.

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