Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure provides an automated hosting platform with a self-service approach to building, deploying, and managing your Commerce application in a cloud-native environment. Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure comes with additional features that set it apart from the on-premises Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms:

  • A pre-provisioned infrastructure that includes PHP, MySQL (MariaDB), Redis, RabbitMQ, and supported search engine technologies.
  • Git-based workflow with automatic build and deploy for efficient Rapid development and Continuous deployment every time you push code changes in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment.
  • Highly Customizable environment configuration files and command-line interface (CLI) manage and deploy tools.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting that offers a Scalable and Secure environment for online sales and retailing.

Cloud benefits

View the Technology stack in detail or learn more about specific features and supported products in Cloud architecture for Commerce.


Adobe Commerce documentation

The Commerce on cloud infrastructure guide assumes that you have some working knowledge and understanding of the Adobe Commerce application. You can refer to the Commerce Developer and User guides below: