Shopping cart

The cart is positioned at the end of the path to purchase, at the intersection of Buy and Abandon, and is one of the most important pages in your store. The cart is where the order total is calculated, along with discount coupons and estimated shipping and tax. It is a great place to show your trust badges and seals, and an ideal opportunity to offer one last item. You can choose the items to be offered as a cross-sell impulse purchase whenever a specific item appears in the cart.

The shopping cart page displays tools the shopper can use to manage the products for their order {width="700" modal="regular"}

  • Configure the shopping cart options to determine which tools are available to shoppers, and modify the display.
  • Configure the cart persistence behavior to help shoppers retain the contents of their cart.
  • Add the Order by SKU widget as a convenience for all shoppers, or only for shoppers in specific customer groups, to enter the SKU and quantity information directly into a page.