Stored payment methods

Customers with access to a secure vault for storing payment information can speed through checkout without entering their credit card information each time. If Instant Purchase is enabled, customers can bypass the two-step checkout process and place the order from the product page.

A payment method that supports a secure vault, such as Braintree, is required. When a secure vault is enabled in the payment method configuration, customers have the option during checkout to save their credit card information as a stored payment method. Customers can manage stored payment methods from their account dashboard.

Stored Payment Methods

Add stored payment method at checkout

  1. From the storefront, the customer goes to the detail page of the product.

  2. Adds product to the cart.

  3. Proceeds to the checkout page.

  4. Completes the Shipping step.

  5. Selects the Braintree Credit Card payment method.

  6. Fills in credit card data.

  7. Selects the Save for later use checkbox.

  8. Clicks Place Order.

The saved payment method is then displayed in the Stored Payment Methods tab of the customer dashboard.

Delete a stored payment method

Any previously added, stored payment methods cannot be edited by the customer, they can only be deleted. This action cannot be undone.

  1. In the sidebar of their account, the customer selects Stored Payment Methods.

  2. Finds the payment method entry to be deleted.

  3. Clicks Delete.

  4. To confirm the action, clicks OK.