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Last update: 2023-12-05

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Sandbox tooling allows you to copy objects across multiple sandboxes by leveraging package export and import. A package can consist of a single object or multiple objects. Any objects that are included in a package must be from the same sandbox.


With the SMS Channel, you can now enhance your communication by sending Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages, enabling the sharing of images, GIFs, or videos with your customers. Note that this feature is currently available with Sinch only.


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Quick start guides
Learn how to achieve your goals faster in Journey Optimizer with your personalized approach depending on your role.
User interface
Learn how to navigate and optimize your experience in Journey Optimizer.
Create your first journey
Design and orchestrate personalized omnichannel journeys to harmonize marketing outreach with one-to-one customer engagement.
Launch your first campaign
Create and start your first campaign in Journey Optimizer to deliver targeted, one-time content to a specific audience.

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Customer's experience
Journeys - Campaigns - Landing pages - Reporting - Decision management


Channel surfaces - Configure journeys - Access control - Sandboxes management

Communication channels
Email - SMS - In-app - Push notifications - Direct mail - Web

Content management
Assets/images - Personalization - Reusable & dynamic content - Test & preview content

Profiles & audiences
Audiences - Profiles - Identities - License usage - Privacy management

Data management
Schemas - Datasets - Queries

Additional resources

Adobe Journey Optimizer
Tutorials - Product description - Security overview (PDF) - APIs reference
Adobe Experience Platform
Documentation - Developers resources
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