Adobe Experience Platform overview

Adobe Experience Platform is the most powerful, flexible, and open system on the market for building and managing complete solutions that drive customer experience. Experience Platform enables organizations to centralize and standardize customer data and content from any system and apply data science and machine learning to dramatically improve the design and delivery of rich, personalized experiences.

Built on RESTful APIs, Experience Platform exposes the full functionality of the system to developers, supporting the easy integration of enterprise solutions using familiar tools. Experience Platform also supports partners to build and integrate their own products and technologies as needed. This power and flexibility makes Experience Platform unique in the market. It gives partners, customers, and a community of developers a foundation on which to build innovations that drive The Experience Business: exceeding customer expectations by delivering a continually improving, fully-personalized experience drawn from a 360-degree view of the customer and their individual preferences.






Experience Platform documentation

Experience Platform documentation is provided in multiple formats for a variety of features and services. To learn more about the types of documentation that are available, please visit the Platform documentation overview.

To begin learning more about a specific Platform service, return to the documentation landing page and select the appropriate guide.

Documentation for application services built on Experience Platform

Adobe has built multiple application services on top of Experience Platform. You can find documentation for these applications in their own guides, linked below:

The video below describes the use cases of each application service built on top of Experience Platform.

Experience Platform tutorials

You can get started with Platform quickly and easily by following along with step-by-step tutorials covering everything from preparing your data for ingestion to advanced machine-learning algorithms. These tutorials have been designed to supplement the information found within the Experience Platform documentation, so for best results keep the documentation on-hand while completing the tutorials.

Visit the Experience Platform tutorials landing page to get started.

Reference documents and resources

  • API fundamentals
    Learn the basics of working with Platform APIs.

  • API reference documents
    Discover Experience Platform APIs, including headers, parameters, sample requests, and responses.
    These documents are hosted on Adobe I/O.

  • Glossary
    Review Adobe Experience Platform terminology.

  • Release notes
    Find information about the most recent Experience Platform release and review past releases.

  • Troubleshooting guide
    Find resolutions to common errors and answers to frequently asked questions.