Experience Platform documentation overview

Adobe Experience Platform documentation has recently moved. Please take a moment to review the new navigation and to update any existing bookmarks.

Adobe Experience Platform documentation is available for a number of Platform features and services. To access Experience Platform documentation, return to the documentation landing page and select the guide you would like to view.

Types of Experience Platform documentation

Experience Platform documentation is provided in multiple formats, including overviews, tutorials, and guides for both the user interface (UI) and API. The most common documentation types are summarized in the following list:

  • API reference: Consult the API reference documentation for each service to learn details about available endpoints, including headers, parameters, sample requests, and responses. These reference materials do not provide the same level of detail as the documentation. It is recommended to consult the service-specific developer guide for detailed API usage examples.

  • Developer guide: Each developer guide provides in-depth usage information for all API endpoints available for a specific service. The guide includes available query parameters, sample requests, and sample responses, as well as outlining “gotchas” to avoid when making calls to Platform APIs.

  • Overview: An overview provides a high-level outline of the service or feature and how it interacts with other Platform services. The overview is the best place to start when learning about new features and functionality within Platform.

  • Troubleshooting guide: Use the troubleshooting guide to find answers to frequently asked questions and information regarding error messages that you are likely to encounter when using the API. The Experience Platform troubleshooting guide provides support for general questions and errors, while individual services provide troubleshooting guides specific to their area.

  • Tutorial: A tutorial is a step-by-step guide through the UI, API, or a mix of both, that leads to a specific outcome. Unlike a developer guide, an API tutorial may only focus on one or two endpoints and is not an exhaustive API resource. Similarly, UI tutorials may focus only on specific steps, not the complete user interface available for that service. Tutorials are often part of a larger workflow and feature “next steps” that describe which tutorials you may want to try next.

  • UI guide: A UI guide outlines actions available in the Platform user interface for a specific service. These documents contain screenshots and steps focused on interacting with Platform through the UI. Similar to a developer guide, the UI guide outlines all available actions and options including “gotchas” to avoid. This is the most detailed resource for working with the UI.