Adobe Experience Platform overview

This video provides a quick introduction to Experience Platform and outlines some of the business challenges it solves.

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In this video, we’ll give you an overview of Adobe Experience Platform, explaining what it is, and the business challenges it solves. Today’s digital landscape is changing at a rapid pace, with rising customer expectations when it comes to personalized experiences, and continued shifts in industry policies and regulations, like the deprecation of third-party cookies. As a result, there is an increasing need for brands to reimagine their digital marketing strategy and accelerate their transformation efforts, specifically around personalization. But how do you deliver a personalized experience at scale for millions of customers? Well, to start, you need to collect data from every interaction a customer makes with your brand. But with third-party cookies becoming more restrictive and browsers blocking cookies by default, this is easier said than done. Additionally, the list of must-haves to create personal experiences continues to grow. Over the years, Adobe has worked with brand partners to identify some of the critical requirements to overcome these customer experience challenges. This includes the ability to deliver consistent personalization across journeys at scale. Now you’re probably thinking this is a ton of requirements just to manage customer experiences. And you’re not wrong. However, the benefits brands gain by implementing personalized insights and engagement at scale speak for themselves. According to a Forrester study, brands who implement personalization at scale can expect to see compelling increases in email open rates, customer lifetime value, employee satisfaction, customer retention and satisfaction rates, and repeat visitors. So how does Adobe address all these needs? Adobe Experience Cloud provides a cohesive ecosystem supercharged by Adobe Experience Platform for brands to make the digital economy personal. Platform serves as a data foundation that builds a unified view of your customers across your enterprise, letting you create granular audiences that update in real-time as customers interact with your brand. These capabilities can be leveraged by other customer experience applications. There are several applications built on top of Experience Platform that directly leverage Platform’s datasets, profiles, and audiences for advanced marketing use cases. Platform also has integrations with other Experience Cloud applications like Adobe Analytics, Target, and Campaign, letting you easily integrate platform capabilities with your existing Adobe stack. With Platform’s open API architecture, developers can build new experience applications that directly utilize Platform’s capabilities. These capabilities are also available through an intuitive user interface that allows marketers and non-technical users to view and manage platform resources. Platform’s composable services allow your digital marketing teams to better understand your customers and achieve use cases that are driving value for brands across all industries. With Platform, you can intelligently re-engage customers who have abandoned a conversion path before completing it, reduce churn and win back customers with don’t lose campaigns, optimize the process of converting new customers by analyzing individual journey interactions from prospects, recognize known users with contextual clues regardless of their current authentication state to better curate their experience, and create personalized campaigns based on each customer’s unique attributes and behavior to evolve one-time conversions into lifetime customer relationships. Platform has evolved over the years with a wealth of knowledge resources including documentation, tutorials, onboarding guides, courses, templates, and monitoring features. Our goal is to make you as self-sufficient as possible as you continue to use Platform and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications. This includes a broad system of partners as well as Adobe Consulting to help get you started and onboarded. We look forward to sharing more about Platform and the challenges it solves in our comprehensive library of videos. Thanks for watching.