A customer experience powered by Experience Platform

See how Experience Platform creates a rich, relevant and real-time experience for customers by watching this video that follows a hypothetical experience built with Platform, as seen from the perspective of a customer.

This video will follow a hypothetical experience built with Adobe Experience Platform as seen from the perspective of a customer. Sarah Rose is a fitness and yoga enthusiast and attends group yoga lessons at Luma Yoga Studio. Occasionally, she buys new gear at the Luma Store. Let’s see how Experience Platform creates a rich, relevant and real-time experience. While browsing on the Luma website, Sarah sees a sports shirt she likes and adds it to her cart. A cookie from the website is used to track her preferences. Sarah then receives an offer to register for a customer account using her Luma Studio membership. Her new account enables Experience Platform to link together her email, gym membership, and Experience cloud identifies in her real-time customer profile. This information allows Experience Platform to add Sarah to a segment representing studio members. Unfortunately, life gets busy and Sarah abandons her cart. Later, Sarah is sent an email recommending her to install the Luma App on her mobile device. She installs the app and signs in with her membership credentials. Now Experience Platform links the mobile identity to Sarah’s profile. Based on her studio membership and recent visits including data loaded from the studio’s member registration system and the catalog of available lessons, the Platform determines that Sarah should receive a suggestion. Sarah receives an invite to the Luma Studio for a yoga session. She also gets the same offer as a push notification on the Luma app. When Sarah arrives at the studio, she checks in for the lesson and is greeted by a host who sees Sarah’s profile. In this case, Experience Platform has combined Sarah’s loyalty data with her online browsing behavior to present her with a suitable offer. Sarah is pleased and feeling good about the whole experience. She buys the shirt. The purchase is recorded and Sarah is sent a thank you message. Experience Platform made Sarah’s customer journey easy, personal and successful. Throughout this example, all of Sarah’s interactions with Luma are strictly governed with respect to Sarah’s privacy and preferences. We’ve now shown what Adobe Experience Platform looks like from Sarah’s point of view. The next video will look at how Experience Platform is used to accomplish this journey.