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With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can import existing message content or design a new content, personalize messages with customer profile data, create events to trigger messages, define audiences, create and add offers, and access a complete set of reporting and monitoring tools to measure the impact of your messages and customer journeys.

Based on your organization, you can define several types of users and grant them access to certain capabilities depending on their permissions.

Just starting with Journey Optimizer? Experienced user with specific questions? Administrator of your company instance? Take your own path to get to your goals faster!

To learn and discover the power of Adobe Journey Optimizer with step-by-step guidance, select your profile.

  • I am an Administrator

    Prepare your environment, grant access, configure settings. Learn more

  • I am a Data Engineer

    Import profiles, build audiences, create schemas, and datasets. Learn more

  • I am a Marketer

    Design messages, add offers, assets, and build customer journeys. Learn more

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Understand the Journey Optimizer’s key capabilities and personas. Learn how to navigate the user interface depending on your role.