Get started for Marketers get-started-marketers

As a Marketer or a Journey Practicionner, you are responsible for creating offers and journeys and designing content. You can start working with Adobe Journey Optimizer once the System Administrator and the Data Engineer granted you access and prepared your environment.

Refer to the following sections to set up your first journey, add offers and assets, and send messages:

  1. Create audiences. Journey Optimizer allows you to create audiences through segment definitions directly from the Audiences menu, and leverage them into your journeys. Learn more about audiences in this page. Discover how to build segment definitions in this sample.

  2. Add personalization and dynamic content. Leverage Journey Optimizer personalization and dynamic content capabilities to adapt your message to your audience. Learn more about personalization and dynamic content.

  3. Create and manage assets. Adobe Experience Manager Assets provides a single, centralized repository of assets that you can use to populate your messages. Learn more in this section.

  4. Add offers. Use Journey Optimizer to deliver the best offer and experience to your customers across all touch points at the right time. Once designed, target your audiences with personalized offers. Learn more about Decisioning management in this section.

  5. Test and validate. Once your content has been defined, you can use test profiles to preview its content. If you inserted personalized content, you will be able to check how this content is displayed in the message, using test profile data. In addition, leverage your Litmus account into Journey Optimizer to instantly preview your email rendering in popular email clients. You can then ensure your email content looks great and works properly in every inbox. Learn how to test and validate your messages in this section.

  6. Design customer journeys to deliver personalized, contextual experiences. Journey Optimizer allow you to build real-time orchestration use cases with contextual data stored in events or data sources. Design multistep advanced scenarios powered by following capabilities:

    • Send real-time unitary delivery triggered when an event is received, or in batch using Adobe Experience Platform audiences.

    • Leverage contextual data from events, information from Adobe Experience Platform, or data from third-party API services.

    • Use the built-in channel actions (Email, SMS, Push, InApp) to send messages designed in Journey Optimizer or create custom actions if you’re using a third-party system to send your messages.

    • With the journey designer, build your multistep use cases: easily drag and drop an entry event or a read audience activity, add conditions and send personalized messages.

    Learn how to design and execute journeys in this section

  7. Monitor messages and journeys. To make sure your messages are successfully executed, sent and delivered, Journey Optimizer offers capabilities to monitor the messages that are currently published and triggered. Learn how to monitor performances in this section.