Get started with user management permissions-overview

Journey Optimizer allows you to define and manage the permissions assigned to different users. Permissions are a set of rights and restrictions that authorize or deny access access to in-product features and capabilities.

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User management in Journey Optimizer is based on three concepts:

  • Role: A set of unitary rights which allows users access to certain functionalities or objects in the interface. Refer to the Out-of-the-box roles section.

  • Permissions: Unitary rights that allow you to define the authorizations assigned to Roles. Each permission is gathered under resources, e.g. Journey or Offers, which represents the different functionalities or objects in Journey Optimizer. Refer to the Permission levels section.

  • Sandbox: Virtual sandboxes that partition instances into separate, isolated virtual environments. Refer to the Using sandboxes.

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Learn more about access control system and custom proles in Adobe Journey Optimizer. Learn how to manage roles and permissions and how to add and manage users.