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Journey Optimizer is a powerful tool for collecting and processing extremely large amounts of data, including personal information and sensitive data. This is why privacy needs to be managed carefully.

Moreover, regulations such as GDPR state that you must comply with specific requirements before being able to use information from Data Subjects. Moreover, Data Subjects should be able to modify their consent at any time.

Adobe Experience Platform and Journey Optimizer provide various tools to help you ensure privacy management.

  • Manage data requests: Use Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service to manage customer requests to access and delete personal data. Learn more

  • Audit users’ actions: Leverage Audit logs to identify actions performed by users in the system, troubleshoot issues, and help your business comply with regulations and corporate data stewardship policies. Learn more

  • Track and manage consent: Track customers’ consent for communication and manage their preferences and subscriptions. Learn more

  • Apply consent policies: Define Adobe Experience Platform consent policies and apply them to your custom actions in order to respect the preferences of your customers. Learn more

  • Apply governance policies: Leverage Adobe Experience Platform governance policies to prevent sensitive fields from being exported to third-party systems through custom actions. Learn more