Media Concurrent Viewers Overview media-concurrent-viewers

Analyzing concurrent viewers enables you to understand where peak concurrency occurred or where drop-offs happened to provide valuable insight into the quality of content and viewer engagement, and to help with troubleshooting or planning for volume and scale.

Media Concurrent Viewers Panel in Analysis Workspace

In Analysis Workspace, Concurrent Viewers is the number of unique visitors viewing your media stream(s) at a specific point in time, regardless of the number of sessions. The Media Concurrent Viewers panel is available in order to visualize concurrent viewers, break down, and compare. Learn moreā€¦

Get Concurrent Viewers via Analytics Reporting API

You can also get concurrent viewer data for up to 1-month at a time at minute-level granularity using the Analytics Reporting API 2.0. The reporting API uses the same definition of concurrent viewers as Analysis Workspace. For more information see Get concurrent viewers JSON report data with Analytics 2.0 APIs.