Media Average Minute Audience media-average-minute-audience

Media Analytics customers can use the average minute audience panel to better understand average consumption of their content. Average minute audience enables comparisons of programming of any length or genre. In addition, customers can compare or append this digital average minute audience to linear TV average minute metrics. This panel gives more flexibility to measure the average audience for custom time periods, as well as when the duration classification has been updated after the fact. The current average minute audience metric only works if the duration is available at processing time.

Media Average Minute Audience Panel in Analysis Workspace

In Analysis Workspace, average minute audience is the time spent viewing your media stream divided by the duration of the content or the total selection of the period and selected granularity.

The Media Average Minute Audience panel provides average minute audience analytics by the specific content selected if the duration is made available using Classifications.

The Average Minute Audience panel also provides analytics over a selected time period that can be filtered by specific content—whether or not the duration is available using Classifications. To access the Media Average Minute Audience Panel, navigate to a report suite with streaming media components enabled. Then, click the panel icon on the far-left and drag the panel into your Analysis Workspace project. Learn more…