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Media Collection API Timeout Conditions

The Media Collection API, being stateless, does not have the same mechanism as the Media SDK for issuing a new Session ID when timeout conditions occur. When a timeout condition occurs, the back end will close the session, and all subsequent calls made with that Session ID will be dropped. The logic that handles a Session Timeout must be handled in the client. That is, the player will have to monitor the timeout conditions, and obtain a new Session ID if a timeout occurs.

  • 10 Minutes: No API Events

    If the back end does not receive any API events it will close the session.

  • 30 Minutes: No Playhead Change

    If the playhead does not move for 30 minutes (e.g., the user hits Pause and walks away), the back end will close the session.

You can also force a session end by sending an events request with the sessionEnd event type.