Prerequisites prerequisites

Before you begin implementing Streaming Media, complete the following tasks:

  1. Review the Streaming Media overview

    Before you begin implementing Streaming Media, review the Streaming Media overview to make sure Streaming Media meets your needs.

  2. Confirm your Steaming Media pricing model

    The current pricing model is based on video streams. If necessary, contact your Sales Representative or Adobe Account Team, as Streaming Media is sold separately, as an add-on to Adobe Analytics.

  3. Enable Adobe Analytics Reports

    To enable reports in Analytics and to view the content and ad data that you’re collecting, you must enable reports in Analytics. See Media reports enablement.

  4. Implement the Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service in Experience Cloud

    The Identity Service enables the common identification framework for the Experience Cloud Core Services, solutions, and customer attributes and audiences in the People core service. It works by assigning a unique, persistent ID to a site visitor. When your organization implements the ID service, this ID lets you identify the same site visitor and their data in different Experience Cloud solutions.

    ID Service graphic

    The ID service can also replace the different solution-specific IDs (for example, Analytics AID). Through the Customer IDs and Authentication States functionality, the ID service lets you pass in your own customer IDs to the Experience Cloud. Keep in mind, however, that the ID service only works with the solutions to which you have already subscribed. If you are not signed up for access to other products, the ID service does not provide the access.

    The ID service is an integral component of many Experience Cloud features, enhancements, and services. Currently, the ID service supports Analytics, Audience Manager, and Target.

    If you have not implemented the ID service, now is the time to start considering a migration strategy. For more information about the importance and role of the ID service, see Why the Identity Service Should be on Your Radar.

    For additional information about the Experience Cloud ID, see Experience Cloud ID Overview, and Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service.

  5. View additional prerequisites for your implementation method

    Depending on how you plan to implement Streaming Media, view the prerequisites for either of the following implementation methods:

    Use the Implementation overview to determine which implementation method is right for you.