Custom metadata support custom-metadata-support

You can provide custom key:value pairs on the sessionStart, chapterStart, and adStart events. This information must be provided in the JSON key, customMetadata, positioned alongside the params key.

The customMetadata JSON key should contain an object of key:value pairs. The key should contain only alphanumerical characters, underline, and dot/period.

MA Collection API Events


Currently you can send a sessionStart event with the following key:value pair:

params: { "": "channel-1" },
  customMetadata: { "": "channel-2" }

For the configuration above, the reporting data sent to analytics is the following:


We recommend that you use a separate namespace for custom metadata. For example:

params: { "": "channel-1" },
  customMetadata: { "": "channel-2" }

In the recommended example, the reporting data for custom metadata sent to analytics is as follows: