Media Segments segments

Segments allow you to identify subsets of visitors based on characteristics or website interactions. Streaming media segments allow you to identify visitor stream type such as audio, live, or podcast streams. For information about Adobe Analytics segments, see About segments and containers in the Adobe Analytics Components Guide.

These reporting segments associated with Media Stream Type were introduced on 9/13/18 along with the streamType parameter.
Media Stream Type: All
Segment all media stream data
“Content (ID) exists”
Media Stream Type: Audio
Segment all audio stream data
“Content (ID) exists” AND “Media Stream Type = audio
Media Stream Type: Video
Segment all video stream data
“Content (ID) exists” AND “Media Stream Type != audio
Media Content Type: VoD
Segment all VoD contents
“Content Type = vod
Media Content Type: Live
Segment all Live contents
“Content Type = live
Media Content Type: Linear
Segment all Linear contents
“Content Type = linear
Media Content Type: Podcast
Segment all Podcast contents
“Content Type = podcast
Media Content Type: Audiobook
Segment all Audiobook contents
“Content Type = audiobook
Media Content Type: AoD
Segment all AoD contents
“Content Type = aod