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Adobe Analytics provides several reports and metrics to track media performance on your website.

In addition to the metrics and dimensions available when you enable each of the modules, there are three additional dashboard-style reports that become available when you enable the Media Core module. Enabling the Ads module also changes the appearance of some of these dashboard-style reports by adding additional metrics and filters.

Media reports are listed on the Reports tab. Navigate to > Media > Media Engagement and select from:

Media Report
Common Business Insights
Media overview
Displays several aggregate measurements to quickly monitor that media is performing as expected. A graph displays media starts next to ad impressions to let you quickly view and compare these metrics.
  • Totals for top metrics including content starts, completion rate, average time on stream, and average media items per visit.
  • Total content and ad starts for media filtered by device type or country.
Media detail
Displays detailed metrics for all media items including starts, concurrent viewers, completion rate, play percentage, and ad impressions.
  • Totals for top metrics including media starts, content and ad starts, and average content per visit.
  • Total content and ad starts for media filtered by device type or country.
Media daypart
Displays content starts by time of day to let you quickly view when your audience is engaged.
  • Audience engagement by time of day.
  • Audience engagement compared to previous date ranges.
Media concurrent viewers
Displays concurrent viewers during one day. The data can be filtered by content, device type, or country.
  • Per-minute audience engagement over a 24-hour interval.
Media Events and Media Variables
Additional reports are available. Media metrics and dimensions are standard Analytics variables that can be reported directly and added to other Analytics reports.
  • Media Conversion (Events that occur after media is viewed) by generating a report with visits that include a content type of media.
  • Next/previous media flow using the media name prop.