Media reports in Analysis Workspace media-workspace-templates

Reports in Workspace were formerly known as templates.

Analysis Workspace offers a set of prebuilt reports that are available by default that you can use to analyze data. For more information about all the default reports that are available, see View reports in Adobe Analytics landing page.

Some of these reports are particularly useful for analyzing Streaming Media data, as described in the following sections.

Understand default Media reports

Following is a list of default reports that are useful when analyzing Streaming Media data:

  • Media content consumption: Creates a report that shows which content is consumed most and is engaging users.

  • Streaming Media Consumption: Creates a report with a dashboard, as shown in the example below.

  • Media recency, frequency, loyalty: Creates a report that shows the recency (how many days since the last visit), frequency (how many visits per visitor), and loyalty (how frequently cohorts of users return to the site)

For example, if you choose the Streaming Media Consumption report, a project with the following dashboard is presented:

Use default Media reports

You can use default Media reports in the following ways:
when creating a new project. You can also or when modifying an existing project.