Customer Journey Analytics landing page

The landing page for Customer Journey Analytics features a default view of your projects and mobile scorecards and a learning section to help you get started more effectively.

In this video, I’ll show you the new landing page in Customer Journey Analytics. First, you need to be logged in to the Experience Platform, and you need to be in the Customer Journey Analytics application. Right now, my landing page looks like the previous style. But in the bottom left corner, I’m going to select the radio button to change the display to the new landing page. Now, on the left navigation, you’ll see two tabs. The first is the Projects tab, which is the default view. This contains links to all of your projects, including mobile scorecards for easy access. In the upper right corner, there’s a Show more link. This displays a banner that contains shortcuts to create a new project or scorecard project. There’s also easy access to new release notes which is very handy. If you want more real estate dedicated to your projects view, then simply click Show less and it’s removed from your view. In the Project view, you’ll notice some additional columns shown on this new landing page. This is customizable. I’m going to click on the table manager icon in the right corner, and it opens this customized table model. You can choose which of these you’d prefer for your view. All right, I’m going to cancel out of this. There are some sorting capabilities too, which is obviously useful if you have a lot of projects and you need to find one quickly. The search capability has been improved. It allows searching for the string in multiple columns. I’m going to start typing in super. Notice how the project that doesn’t contain super still shows up on top. That’s because it’s pinned. When you pin a project, it keeps it visible at the top of the list at all times. To pin or unpin a project, simply click on the ellipses at the right and select it from the menu. You can also mark a project as a favorite. This is another way to sort projects based on those you use frequently. Last, on the left, we have filtering. As you can see, we’ve provided some other useful ways to help you find projects. The nice thing is that the changes you make to the landing page persist for you the next time you come back. All right, let’s review the Learning tab next. We’ve curated a list of tours and videos to help users get started with Customer Journey Analytics. There’s three categories at the top. Getting started, Finding insights, and Understanding the data. Getting started has some great content for people who are just getting into the tool and want to know where to begin.
At the bottom, there’s a link to Experience League with even more content. Now we’ll have a look at Finding insights. These are some of the common visualization filters and components people typically like to use in a new project. Last, we’ll look at Understanding your data. These are videos that help people make more informative decisions by getting a deeper understanding of the data. After you watch a video, it will put a tag there as viewed so you can track what you’ve seen. This concludes my walkthrough of the new landing page experience. Hopefully you’ll find it useful for finding and navigating your projects as well as learning the tool. Good luck. -

For more information, please see the documentation.