View, troubleshoot, and modify connection settings

The Connections Manager allows you to check the status of your connection’s datasets ingestion. This interface also informs you when data is available to start analysis in Workspace. Learn how to identify data discrepancies due to misconfiguration, manage the data import dates, and remove datasets from connections.

Hi everyone. This is Rohit Gossain and I’m a product manager for Adobe Analytics. Today, we are going through the new customer journey analytics connections experience. I assume you already know how to create a connection here. If you don’t know how much about Adobe’s customer journey analytics or connection, I recommend through other videos in this series or read more in our experience lead documentation. Let’s go through these CJA connections management experience and you may have noticed few updates to this experience. Over here, we have provided the list of dataset that belongs to every connection so that you can select the right connection for editing or to create the data view. You may see the owner’s name for this connection as well. In addition, you may have noticed if the settings to import new data is enabled and if you want to change this setting you need to edit the connection. Let’s imagine you already have new connection and completed all the workflow. I have three questions in my mind. First - did the ingestion process start, and if yes, how many records are available for reporting so that I can analyze them in CJAs analysis workspace. You can see here, on the top left panel that provides you how many records are available for reporting. As of now, this is available for events type dataset only and will be coming soon for profile and look up data sets. I can go here and apply the filter for other data sets or even select the data range for trended charts. Secondly, did I configure my connections correctly so that I have all the data available for reporting in CJA? Are there any records being skipped? We do have metrics such as skip records and deleted records in this experience. You can go and filter the data set or select the time range to know when and for what data sets records were being skipped or even deleted. We will also provide the reasons why those records were skipped in first place and that is coming in future releases. Last but not the least, how many reportable records are available for each dataset at a particular time period? And if there were any deleted records in that period? You can go to Adobe Experience Platform and delete the batches from the data sets. So, CJA needs to maintain the accuracy. So over here, you can see how many records were deleted and when. Even you can see the trended chart or you can go to past data to validate the data accuracy. This is super important for any validation needed with Adobe Experience Platform data sets and CJA. Nonetheless, we provided all the metadata needed for the connection management on the right rails such as connection ID, backfill status, list of data views, and much more. This new experience provides the health and status of your data ingestion process so that you can start the analysis. You will have the visibility around the data sets, batches and data records being ingested and available for reporting. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us or read more in our detail documentation. -