Configure the next and previous item panel

Learn how to quickly generate tables and visualizations to identify the next or previous item for a specific dimension value.

I’m going to show you how to add and configure the next or previous item to a Customer Journey Analytics project. This panel contains tables and visualizations to easily identify the next or previous dimension item for a specified dimension. For example, you might want to explore which marketing channels are used after paid search. Or which internal search terms are used before or after a specific search term. I’m logged in and created a new, blank project in Customer Journey Analytics. In the left panel, I’ll select the first icon in the vertical arrangement which opens the panel’s menu next to it. I see next or previous item toward the bottom, and I’ll drag and drop that above the freeform table in the builder section. I’ll keep the date range to this month. Once I do this, I’m presented with some settings to configure for this panel. At the top, I can create a quick filter by selecting the icon here. Or I can drag and drop a preexisting filter from the left panel. I’ll set up a quick filter for state or province, equal to Florida, FL, and then I’ll hit the blue apply button. Next, I’ll configure the dimension. I’m going to work with marketing channel. I’ll select that from the dropdown list. I have the option of basing the report data on what values are used next or previous to the specific value I have yet to choose. I’m going to keep the default, next, selected. Under dimension item, I’m going to select the value, email. I have the choice of using a session or person container. This is analogous with visit and visitor if you’re accustomed to legacy analytics containers and definitions. I’m finished with the configuration so I’ll select the blue build button at the bottom of the panel. This returns a rich set of data and visualizations to help you understand what follows or proceeds specific dimension items. The first is a horizontal bar. When I hover over an item I’ll see the corresponding metric value associated with it. Next to that is a summary number. This is the aggregate number of events for that dimension in the current month so far. Beneath these is the freeform table. This lists the specific values that are next or previous in table format. Based on my configuration, I see that people use the podcast channel most frequently after engaging with the email channel. I hope you find the next or previous item panel useful for your Customer Journey Analytics projects. You should now feel comfortable working with these on your own, good luck. -