Adobe Experience Cloud Release Notes - November 2022


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This page provides access to Experience Cloud product release notes pages and the latest tutorials, courses, and events on Experience League.

Latest update: December 7, 2022

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Icon Experience League events

Experience League events are a great place to learn, interact, and get answers from product experts at Adobe!

Upcoming events:

  • Adobe Target Webinar - December 8 - How Automated Personalization provides dynamic personalized experiences at each visit
  • Adobe Workfront Q&A Chat - December 12 - Ask the Experts: Navigating Change Management Webinar Follow-Up
  • Adobe Workfront Customer Workshop - December 21 - Join the Customer Success team for a 1-hour discussion to review trending topics from the Workfront Community.

For a complete events schedule, see Events on Experience League.

Icon Adobe System Status

Adobe System Status provides detailed information, status updates, and email notifications about Adobe products and services outage, disruption, and maintenance events. Check it out at

For the latest release information, see Adobe System Status release notes.

Icon Experience Cloud - central interface components & administration

Experience Cloud central UI components include features available on the home page and the persistent product header. These features include user profile settings, preferences, and search. You can also find help on user and product management, Customer Attributes, and Experience Cloud Audiences.

Unified search update

  • Personalized Search: Search results on global search bar are now personalized with the frequency and recency of usage by the user.

Provisioning update


Administrators, don’t miss this important notice about Experience Cloud provisioning (published July 2022).

Icon Adobe Experience Platform

Latest release information and new documentation for Experience Platform and Mobile SDK:

Latest release: November 23, 2022

New Experience Platform tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Experience Platform.

Published Name Type Description Application
October 2022 Use enumerated fields and suggested values Video Learn how to use enumerated fields and suggested values to create friendly dropdown menus in the segment builder interface. Data Model (XDM)
October 2022 Manage sensitive data in datastreams Video Learn how to manage sensitive data in datastreams. Web SDK
October 2022 Create a dashboard Video Learn how to create a dashboard in Adobe Experience Platform. Dashboards

Adobe Mobile SDK

Updated: October 19, 2022 - See Release notes and change logs for the Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

Icon Adobe Analytics

Latest update: November 18, 2022


Release version: 2.23.0

New Analytics tutorials and courses

New video tutorials, articles, and courses published for Adobe Analytics.

Published Name Type Description
December 2022 Enhance security Updated video Learn about the Security Manager settings in Company Settings to control access to Adobe Analytics. This includes strong passwords, password expiration and recovery features, and email domain restrictions.
December 2022 Set an Analysis Workspace project as your landing page Updated video Learn about an effective way to easily get novice users into workspace analysis project data.
December 2022 Customize the menu in Reports & Analytics Updated video Learn how to customize the Reports & Analytics menu for users in your organization. This helps users find reports they use most frequently.
November 2022 What is Analytics? Article Learn about the fundamentals of analytics before you learn Adobe Analytics.
November 2022 Create custom detail views for dashboards Video Learn to customize detail views, including text for Adobe Analytics dashboards, to refine the story you want to tell your stakeholders through mobile scorecard projects.
November 2022 Key metric summary visualization Video Learn about the key metric summary visualization in Analysis Workspace, which lets you see how an important metric is trending within a single timeframe. It also lets you compare metric performance across two timeframes.

Icon Customer Journey Analytics

Next release: October 26, 2022


November release notes will be available on October 26, 2022.

Icon Streaming Media Analytics

Icon Audience Manager

Not updated

For self-help resources, see Audience Manager documentation and tutorials on Experience League.

Icon Adobe Experience Manager

New features, fixes, and updates in Experience Manager. Adobe recommends customers with On-Premise deployments to deploy the latest patches to ensure higher stability, security, and performance.

AEM roadmaps and release videos

Adobe recommends visiting the following resources to stay updated on release information:

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service

New features in AEM Sites

The Email component allows the creation of content in AEM that is then delivered as emails via Campaign Classic. The Core Email Component:

New features available in Sites prerelease channel

  • The Content Fragment Console provides users with an option to display the total number of language copies associated with a content fragment. A one-click access has been provided to view all the language copies as well. Users are also able to filter the table view by the locale of their interest.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service

New features in Assets

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service

New features

Adaptive Forms wizard: AEM Forms provides business user friendly wizard to quickly author Adaptive Forms. The wizard has a quick tab navigation to easily select pre-configured template, styling, fields, and submission options to create an adaptive form. This release brings following improvements to the wizard:

  • Select or deselect fields: The wizard allows you to create an Adaptive Form based on JSON and Form Data Model schemas. You can now select subset of fields within a schema to include in an Adaptive Form. The selected fields are converted to corresponding Adaptive Form data capture components to quickly create the desired adaptive forms.

  • Use Static Templates: Customers with existing investments in legacy static templates can continue their journey of cloud adoption by using static templates in wizard to author adaptive forms. This provides additional time to customers to migrate old static templates to modern editable templates.

  • Remove hidden fields from a Document of Record (DoR) while server-side processing: You can generate the document of record PDF for end users containing only those fields which were visible to them during data capture experience. Upon form submission, the server validates which fields were hidden to the end user based on submitted data and excludes from document of record for consistency.

Cloud Manager

  • AEM Guides can now be configured in a self-service manner on Sandbox programs.

  • Customers without any Cloud Manager role cannot access program details. They can however, navigate to Author end points from Cloud Manager landing pages.

  • Customers can set up Incident and Proactive notification groups to hear from Adobe about incidents or recommendations related to their AEMaaCS application. See User Group for Notifications for more details.

  • Add Program Affordance in the UI consistently provides tool tips when it is disabled due to permission or entitlement related reasons.

Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector

The latest version (1.9.3) of Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector was made available on September 16, 2022. See Release Notes for more information.

Adobe recommends you to upgrade to the latest 1.9.3 version of the Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector.

New Experience Manager courses and tutorials

New videos, tutorials, and courses published over the past month.

Published Name Type Description Applications
December 2022 Filtering React app code sample Video A simple React app that displays WKND adventures modeled using Content Fragments. AEM Headless Developer Portal
December 2022 Basic React app Video Learn how to query content using AEM’s GraphQL APIs using persisted queries. This application renders a filterable of WKND Adventures, and upon selecting an adventure, displays the adventures full details. AEM Headless Developer Portal
December 2022 Filtering jQuery and Handlebars code sample Video Explore AEM Headless GraphQL APIs ability to filter data using a JavaScript app that uses jQuery and Handlebars. This app creates a list of WKND adventures filterable by Activity Type. AEM Headless Developer Portal
December 2022 URL redirects Video Learn about the various options to perform URL redirection in AEM. AEM Learn
November 2022 Include third-party bundles in your AEM project Video Learn how to include the third-party OSGi bundle in your AEM project. AEM Forms
November 2022 Generate a PDF document with fragments using ECMA script Video Learn how to use the output service to generate a pdf file using XDP fragments. AEM Forms
November 2022 Generate a PDF document using fragments Video Learn how ot use the output service to generate PDF files using SDP fragments. AEM Forms
November 2022 Extract bound data and save it in a string variable Video Learn how to include the submitted data in the body of your email. AEM Forms
November 2022 AEM-CIF core components and Experience Platform integration Video Learn how to send storefront event data from an AEM-rendered product page to the Experience Platform using the CIF - Experience Platform Connector. AEM CS
October 2022 Item Load Property in AEM Forms Video Learn how to configure and populate drop down list using the item load path property. AEM Forms CS

Experience Manager release information

All Experience Manager release notes are maintained at the following pages:

Other Help resources for Experience Manager

Icon Adobe Experience Manager Guides

Experience Manager Guides is an application deployed onto AEM. It is a powerful, enterprise-grade component content management solution (CCMS) which enables native DITA support in Adobe Experience Manager, empowering AEM to handle DITA-based content creation and delivery.

Learn more about Experience Manager Guides.

Additional resources

Icon Adobe Commerce

New features and content available for Adobe Commerce.

Payment Services

Feature Description
Use multiple PayPal accounts Learn how to use different PayPal business accounts for your merchant account so you can transact in multiple countries (with different currencies) or use Adobe Commerce for some, but not all, parts of your business.
Add a soft descriptor to your website or store views Learn how to add a soft descriptor to your website or store views to delineate between stores/brands/catalogs on customer transaction bank statements.

Release notes for Adobe Commerce


Adobe Search&Promote end-of-service occurred September 1, 2022. For product and commerce search, Live Search is Adobe’s search application. See the end-of-life announcement for more information.

New tutorials and documentation for Adobe Commerce

Published Name Type Description
November 2022 Security and compliance guide Product documentation Explore detailed information about merchandising and promotional features in Adobe Commerce, including targeted discounts and events.
October 2022 Adobe Commerce Support Knowledge Base Support documentation Covers troubleshooting and best practices, hosts announcements, answers FAQs, and highlights specific scenarios that have not been mentioned (for any reason) in the official documentation.
October 2022 On-premises installation overview Product documentation Learn about the installation process for on-premises deployments of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source.
October 2022 Commerce magento-cloud infrastructure) Product documentation Learn about all available commands, arguments, and options for Adobe Commerce magento-cloud command-line tool.
October 2022 Catalog Service for Adobe Commerce Product documentation Learn how to install and test the catalog service.
October 2022 Adobe Commerce Merchandising and Promotions Guide Product documentation Read about merchandising and promotional features, including targeted discounts and events.

Icon Adobe Target

Last Updated: October 19, 2022

Next planned release: October 25 - 27

Icon Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign provides an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. You can now anticipate what your clients want using experiences determined by their habits and preferences.

Latest Campaign product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Campaign v7, Campaign v8, and Campaign Standard release notes.

New Campaign tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Campaign.

Published Name Type Description Applications
October 2022 Getting started with decision management for marketers Video Learn how to use enumerated fields and suggested values to create friendly dropdown menus in the segment builder interface. Campaign v8
October 2022 Set up SMS for Adobe Campaign Course Learn how to connect your Campaign instance to your SMTP provider and how to analyze and troubleshoot the configuration. Campaign v8
October 2022 Full subdomain delegation Updated video Learn how to fully delegate a subdomain to Adobe Campaign. Control Panel

Campaign help resources

Icon Adobe Journey Optimizer

With Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers from a single application–and the entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisioning and insights.

Latest Journey Optimizer product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Optimizer Release Notes.

New Journey Optimizer tutorials and courses

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Journey Optimizer.

Published Name Type Description
November 2022 Create dynamic content with the condition rule builder Video Learn how to create and save condition rules and how to apply these condition rules to content across all channels.
October 2022 Copy a journey to another sandbox Video Learn how to copy a journey and its dependent objects from one sandbox to another.
October 2022 Use alerts Video Learn how to subscribe to pre-defined alerts for unexpected journey behaviors and get notified via Email, within Journey Optimizer or using an API.

More resources for Journey Optimizer

Icon Adobe Journey Orchestration

Use Experience Platform to orchestrate a customer’s journey at scale across experience channels, by intelligently anticipating every individual’s needs in real time.

Latest Journey Orchestration product releases

Find out more about the latest capabilities, improvements, and fixes in the Journey Orchestration release notes.

More resources for Journey Orchestration

Icon Adobe Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is a complete application for lead management and B2B marketers looking to transform customer experiences by engaging across every stage of complex buying journeys.

Core Marketo Engage updates

For the latest product documentation, see the Marketo product documentation home

Icon Adobe Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a unified work management application for sharing ideas, creating content, managing complex processes, and doing their best work.

New Adobe Workfront courses and tutorials

New Workfront course and collections of tutorials on Experience League.

Note: Translation on Experience League for all Workfront tutorials and product documentation is coming soon!

Published Name Type Description
October 2022 Add and edit column settings on a board Video Learn how to add and edit columns settings in a board.
October 2022 Advanced reporting Video Learn how to use the API Explorer and text mode to create advanced filters, views, and groupings that go beyond the capabilities of the Reporting UI.

See the Workfront product releases page for a round-up of the latest information for all products.

Icon Adobe Advertising Cloud

Release notes for Adobe Advertising Cloud.

New features in Advertising Cloud DSP

Last updated: November 23, 2022

Feature Description
Deals The Inventory > Deals view now includes a “Deal Health” column, which indicates each private deal’s health status: “Success,” “Warning,” “Critical,” or “Unavailable.” You can click the status to see more details, including why a deal isn’t performing or spending as expected and steps to troubleshoot potential issues.

Last updated: November 30, 2022

Feature Description
Campaigns, Bulksheets, Reports (Microsoft® Advertising accounts; November 15 release) Support for campaigns on the Microsoft® Audience Network is now out of beta.
  • You can create, edit, and change the status of audience campaigns (campaign type “Audience (image)” or “Audience (feed)”), ad groups (ad group type “Audience”), and ads (creative type “Responsive Ad”) from the Campaigns views and using bulksheets.
  • You can view your existing audience campaigns, with performance data in table and trend chart format, in the Campaigns view. Ad-level performance data is also available in reports and in Adobe Analytics (for advertisers with an Analytics integration).
Optimization support will be available in a future release.
(Microsoft® Advertising accounts; November 15 release) Multimedia ad support is now out of beta. You can create and manage multimedia ads in search campaigns from the Campaigns view and using bulksheets. The ads have the creative type “Multimedia ad.”

You can include campaigns with multimedia ads in either standard portfolios or hybrid portfolios with any spend strategy except for Target Impression Share (which isn’t yet supported in hybrid portfolios).

You can view your existing audience campaigns, with performance data in table and trend chart format, in the Campaigns view. Ad-level performance data is also available in reports and in Analytics (for advertisers with an Analytics integration).
Audiences, Reports (Microsoft® Advertising accounts; November 29 release) Support for dynamic remarketing audiences is now out of beta:
  • Your dynamic remarketing audiences are synced and available in Campaigns > Audiences with the Audience Type “Dynamic Remarketing <VisitorType>” (such as “Dynamic Remarketing Past Buyers”). You can also create, update, and delete dynamic remarketing audiences.
  • You can use the audiences as campaign-level and ad group-level ad targets and exclusions. Targets can include bid modifiers. Note: Bid modifiers for dynamic remarketing audience targets aren’t optimized in portfolios with the “Auto-optimize Bid Adjustment Values” setting.
  • Data for dynamic remarketing audiences is available in the Audience Target Report.
Import Campaigns (November 15 release) All options to import your Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Advertising are now out of beta:
  • Import Google Display Network campaigns into Microsoft Advertising audience campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network.
  • Import Google Ads performance max campaigns, including local inventory ads, into Microsoft Advertising smart shopping campaigns.
  • (Already out of beta) Import Google Ads search and display campaigns into Microsoft Advertising search and display campaigns.
Once you import campaigns from Search > Tools > Import Campaigns, you can check the status of your import job, review any error logs, and edit, pause, or delete your import schedule.

Icon Adobe Document Cloud

New tutorials and courses published for Adobe Document Cloud, including Document Services and Acrobat Sign.

Published Name Type Description Application
December 2022 Set deadlines and reminders Video Learn how to send regular email reminders and deadlines to help get your documents signed quickly. Acrobat Sign
November 2022 Register and sign using D-Trust Video Learn how to register your identity with D-Trust, and then use the D-Trust digital signature on a document. Acrobat Sign
November 2022 Get started for new administrators Video In this comprehensive video guide, learn about all the tools necessary to get your organization up and running. Acrobat Sign

For Document Cloud help, see:

Icon Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise

New videos, tutorials, or courses published for Adobe Campaign.

Published Name Type Description
November 2022 Stunning digital assets PDF Learn how to integrate Adobe Stock with CC Libraries to create consistent and professional design results for print and screen in this hands-on tutorial.
November 2022 Improve CC workflows with CC Libraries PDF Learn how Creative Cloud Libraries keep design elements together-ensuring project consistency for designers and teams in this hands-on tutorial.
November 2022 Video review with PDF Learn how the extension for Adobe Premiere Pro lets you centralize and share assets, receive real-time comments, track revisions, and get faster approvals without leaving the timeline in this hands-on tutorial.

See Creative Cloud for enterprise tutorials for the latest tutorials.

Icon Customer Data Management - Voices

Customer Data Management Voices is your destination as a customer data management technical and marketing practice leader and specialist. This collection of tutorials is your one-stop-shop to hear from your peers, get inspired, and learn about developments in MarTech. No registration required, simply click and watch.

Icon Digital Experience Blueprints

Digital Experience Blueprints are repeatable implementations that let you address strategy and quickly solve established business problems. Each Blueprint provides a series of artifacts that explain the high-value business problem, architectures, implementation steps, technical considerations, and links to the relevant documentation.


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