Dynamic Media Release Notes dynamic-media-release-notes

The latest release notes for Adobe Dynamic Media Classic – part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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The latest release notes for Adobe Dynamic Media Classic-part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution in the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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Adobe is excited to announce the availability of HTTP/2 delivery of content with the overall benefit of improved performance.

See HTTP2 Delivery of Content FAQ.

Scene7 Publishing System section-24487cb493444d808fb7193f0a00cdd4

For complete documentation, see https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/dynamic-media-classic/using/intro/introduction.html#intro

New features, enhancements, and bug fixes

  • Removed video recut feature from Adobe Scene7 Publishing System user interface.
  • Added authentication to all Scene7 servlets where necessary and possible.
  • Bug fix involving the List View in the Trash Can.
  • Removed Create SPSAdmin user feature from User Management because of security concerns.
  • FTP WebAdmin now supports OKTA authentication.
  • Removed the feature of the default password that got created for new Media Portal users.
  • Bug fix involving the temporary password that was generated when a new user was added. The password did not fulfill the necessary password requirements.
  • Resolved issues of WebAdmin root disk full.
  • Bug fix involving the disabling of a user not being reflected immediately in the user interface.
  • Bug fix involving the deletion of a user which did not let you re-create the user later.
  • Bug fix involving the Welcome email sent to new Scene7 users that did not include authentication to control certain settings.
  • Bug fix involving the failure to retrieve an FTP folder list if any folder had special characters in its name.
  • Configure OKTA service providers for Scene7 environments.
  • Added support for Experience Cloud Org ID for Viewer Analytics.
  • Implemented Scene7 SAML consumer.

Viewers (Image Serving 5.8.1) section-e1940d4cedc641bca93236b4c1e0cfa7

For complete documentation, see Viewers Reference Guide.

New features for Image Serving 5.8.1

  • Keyboard accessibility in HTML5 Basic Zoom viewer, Flyout viewer, Mixed Media viewer, Spin viewer, Zoom viewer, Video viewer, Carousel viewer, Interactive Image viewer, and Interactive Video viewer.
  • Added video buffering icon to Video viewer, Mixed Media viewer, and Interactive Video viewer.
  • The value “native” of “playback” modifier is deprecated. Use the new value “progressive” instead.
  • Added support for inline video playback on iPhone devices.
  • Added support for external video playback to Video viewer.
  • Improved swatches scroll behavior on touch devices.
  • Added support for devices with both mouse and touch input running Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browser.
  • Added ability to specify both left and right page with initialframe parameter in portrait mode on mobile devices in eCatalog viewer.

Bug fixes for Image Serving 5.8.1

  • Keyboard tabbing did not get focus on video controls.
  • In eCatalogs, single/double page layout displayed incorrectly on some devices.

Compatibility notes

  • BlackBerry®

    • Incompatibility with older AVS sets. Clients must reupload AVS sets to allow playback.
  • General

    • Browser side scaling may cause UI and images to become blurry as user zooms into page. UI formatting may also display incorrectly depending upon zoom. This effect carries over to full-screen.
    • Due to size limitation on mobile devices, the Mixed Media Viewer uses slide gesture to swap frames in embedded image sets instead of tapping the embedded swatches component. The component is there as a visual indicator.
    • In Internet Explorer browsers and some touch devices, full-screen mode does not occupy entire device screen. Instead, it resizes application to the size of the browser window.
    • The Close button does not work iOS 8.0 and 8.1 but no longer occurs in iOS 8.2
  • Galaxy SIII

    • Memory leak seen with Zoom and eCatalog HTML5 viewers. Repeated navigation through frames may cause browser to crash.
    • Double tap on viewer may cause whole page to zoom instead of just viewer with browser side scaling enabled.
  • Galaxy S4

    • Device detected as tablet in portrait mode with full-screen checked in browser settings.
  • Galaxy Nexus

    • Double tap on viewer may cause whole page to zoom instead of just viewer with browser side scaling enabled.
  • Galaxy Nexus 10 and Galaxy Tablet

    • eCatalog showing incorrect page spread with portrait and landscape orientations.
  • HTC Mobile Devices

    • HTC mobile devices in Adobe’s findings show the inability to disable native pinch-zoom is a “feature” of HTC UI wrapper (HTC Sense). This issue may cause whole page to zoom when using “pinch to zoom” gesture on viewer. Suggest using double-tap instead.
    • Image map icons may overlap if image maps are small and close together.
  • HTML5 Video

    • Internet Explorer 9: custom poster images do not display.
    • IntialBitRate modifier is only supported with software HLS and Flash HDS playback. It does not work when playback is using the native player.
    • OGG and WebM progressive playback not currently supported.
    • Browser scaling can cause the video player to display at an incorrect size (include Windows OS control panel Display settings).
    • Video seek using HLS streaming on Safari may be inconsistent.
  • Internet Explorer

    • Quirks mode is not currently supported.
    • Compatibility mode is not currently supported.
    • Internet Explorer on mobile is not currently supported.
  • iOS

    • Large eCatalogs may cause browser crash on iPad 2.
  • Safari

    • Safari 6.1 or later: Internet Plug-ins settings may prevent Flash video playback.
    • Video “seek” using HLS streaming on Safari may be inconsistent.
    • Unable to seek to end of video on Safari 6 using HLS streaming.

Known issues and restrictions

  • The Image Serving modifiers from iscommands are not added to the req=set request by design. Modifiers that only affect image display work fine. Modifiers affecting size must be used in a complex asset. For example,

    https://s7d9.scene7.com/s7viewers/html5/BasicZoomViewer.html?asset= {Scene7SharedAssets/Backpack_B?extendn=0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5%252C0.5}

  • [Flyout] IE9 sometimes remains on screen after mouse off.

  • Browser scaling leads to wrong resizing.

  • iPad 2: Large eCatalog assets crash Safari on iOS.

  • All Viewers

    • Watermarks, obfuscation, and locking are not supported.
    • Image presets are not supported.
    • Adding or removing viewer from the DOM using display:none CSS or by dynamically detaching it from the parent node is not currently supported.
  • HTML5 All Viewers

    • Embedding viewer in table may result in incorrect sizing or placement of viewer in non-native fullscreen mode. Suggest using DIVs instead.
    • Parameters with explicit instance names in the code require instance names in the URL as well to be overwritten (for example, zoomView.iconfeffect=0).
    • Image Serving command crop is not currently supported.
    • The Close button works only if the viewer is open in the child window.
    • The iscommands modifier does not support Image Serving modifiers that affect image size.
  • HTML5 eCatalog

    • Navigating to other HTML page and returning occasionally causes viewer to reset back to first page.
    • Page layout occasionally displays incorrectly after rotating iOS device. Zooming into page corrects layout.
    • Internal links only to leftmost page in multi-page spreads. Affects mobile devices in portrait mode.
    • Due to browser limitations, print feature is not available in IE9.
  • HTML5 MixedMedia

    • Soundtrack play is not supported.
  • HTML5 Social

    • To render thumbnails properly in outgoing email, the serverurl modifier must have an absolute URL.
  • HTML5 Video

    • The poster image may encounter “max size” error. Company must increase limit setting for Image Serving Publish.
    • Video captions require a company ruleset if hosting the HTML page is served from an external server (not a Dynamic Media server). Contact Adobe Support for assistance.
    • Analytics tracking may report incorrect play percentage due to buffering.
    • Black frame instead of poster image may show on iPad or Android™ devices.
    • Black frame may flash on screen during viewer load on iPad or Android™ devices.
    • Black borders are shown on side of VideoPlayer component when background is set to white/transparent on iPad devices.
    • Last frame of video may be distorted on iPad using iOS 7.
    • Occasional macroblocking may occur during video seek in HLS streaming mode in Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers.
    • Poster image may not show in Microsoft® Edge browser for the first time visitor.
    • Poster image may hide after video load in Internet Explorer 9 when progressive playback is used.

Dynamic Media Image Serving 6.3.2 and Image Rendering 6.3.2 section-19a3e96f52c74757bcdea0f8a11001f2

  • IC utility - downsample2x2 flag is no longer supported. This flag was a poor quality 2x2 downsampler that is no longer used by IPS.
  • CORS header - Currently, the CORS header is configured for /is/content/ requests.