Workflow Heatmap

The Adobe Campaign Workflow HeatMap consists in a color-coded graphical representation of all the workflows that are currently running. By providing a quick overview on the number of concurrent workflows, it enables the Adobe Campaign platform administrators to monitor the load on the instance and plan workflows accordingly.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video, I will explain how to use the Workflow HeatMap. Under the Monitoring tab, click on Workflow HeatMap to display the campaign workflow HeatMap page. The Adobe Campaign Workflow HeatMap is a color-coded graphical representation of all the workflows that are running concurrently. Each row represents an hour of the day and each cell represents five minutes of that hour. The numbers represent the number of workflows that are running at the same time for each five-minute period. By default, the page shows the workflow activity of the current day. You can change it and select any day in the past by clicking on the Calendar icon to select the day. The time zone is the user’s time zone. You can click a colored cell to display the details of all concurrent workflows running during this period. They will appear below the grid. You can see the workflow name, the duration of the workflow and the duration of each activity, as well as the campaign it belongs to, if it is a marketing workflow. If you have a workflow with several activities, each activity will be listed separately with its duration. You can click on the workflow name to access the workflow, to review it and, where needed, modify it. The Filters tab allows you to filter the workflow by duration of the activity or the duration of the workflows.
You can also search or browse for a specific workflow. All the workflows are listed here. Alternatively, you can enter the workflow name.
The third option to filter is to filter by workflow type: Technical or Marketing. Technical workflows are administrative workflows, usually data manipulation workflows. Marketing workflows are the campaign- and delivery-related workflows. If they are related to a campaign, the campaign will be listed in the workflow detail view below.
The Help tab explains the color code. The color changes from green to dark red with the increase in the number of concurrent workflows. 50+ workflows will be dark red. You can navigate the grid using shortcuts; they are explained here. A colorblind mode is also available. -