Configure Landing pages

Learn how to create and configure landing pages.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video, we’re going to create and configure a landing page. Now, let’s create a landing page. For creating a landing page, go to the Campaigns tab and click on the Web Applications link, and then click on the Create button.
Select the New landing page Template, edit the Label, and select the folder in which you want to save your web application.
Click on Save button to create it.
Now, a Dashboard screen will be visible to you, just go to the Edit tab, and Delete the End activity by right-clicking on it.
Now, add a Page activity just after the Storage activity.
Now, double-click on the Page 2 activity to configure it.
Go to the Properties tab, and uncheck the Enable outbound transitions. Click on Ok to save the changes, and click on Save to save the sequence. Step one, selecting and loading the template.
Open the Page activity.
You can either select From a file to fetch your content template, or you can use the available templates. I’m using Acquisition template 1.
Now, go to the Properties to edit the Label.
Similarly, we can configure other pages.
Step two, configuring the content.
Open the Collection page, click the background, and edit the Background color on the right-hand side. Select the Background color, and click OK to confirm the changes. Apply these same processes to change the color of the button.
For linking form fields, select a form field, edit the Field section on the right-hand side of the Editor, select the database field that you want to link with the selected field. I’m linking First name with the Name.
Repeat this process for each field on this page.
You can make a field Mandatory, for example, I am making phone number as mandatory.
We can also create a link to the next page.
Click on the button. Now, in the Link section, in the Action dropdown, select Next page. Now, click on Ok to save the changes.
Now, let’s try to add a Personalization field in Thank You page.
For that, open Thank You page activity, and, now, place the person in the text area where you wish to insert the recipient’s first name.
I am changing the text to Welcome, and then recipient’s name.
Now, select Personalization field in the Insert menu of the toolbar.
Select First name, and click on Ok. Now, we can see the Personalization field has a yellow background in the Editor.
Let’s click on Ok to save the changes.
Step three, publishing content.
Content is published from the Web application Dashboard.
Click the Publish button to run it.
Now, to summarize, for configuring a landing page, we need to follow three steps. First, selecting and loading the template, second, configuring the content, third, publishing the content.

For more information see the detailed documentation on Creating a landing page.