Understand quarantine Management

Understand how quarantine management works in Adobe Campaign and learn how to manage quarantined addresses.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. Adobe Campaign manages a list of quarantined addresses. Recipients whose address is quarantined are excluded by default during delivery analysis and will not be targeted.
Some of the benefits are it speeds up the deliveries, reduces the SMS sending cost, avoids being added to denylist.
Quarantine applies only to an address, not to the profile itself. While being on the Denylist, on the other hand, will result in the profile no longer being targeted by the delivery such as after an unsubscription, opt-out, for a given channel.
Quarantined addresses for a specific delivery are listed during the delivery preparation phase. In the delivery logs of the delivery dashboard. This is the delivery dashboard.
Let’s go to the Edit tab. In delivery, we can see the logs, administrators, and list the addresses in quarantine for the entire platform from Administration, Campaign Management, Non-deliveries Management, Non-deliverables, and Addresses.
The following information will be available for each address.
You can look up to the status of the email address of any recipient. To figure out the quarantine addresses, click on Quarantine, and now it’ll only show the addresses which are quarantined.
If needed, you can manually remove an address from the quarantine list, changing its status from quarantined to valid, and then click on Save. Thank you for watching.