Setting delivery template properties setting-the-delivery-template-properties

The following video shows how to set the delivery template properties and explains each property in detail.

You can review and update delivery properties here. Under the general tab you can add an additional description that may help you identify the purpose of this template. You can also update the label, internal name, delivery code, source delivery template and execution folders. Usually the routing is not updated by the user.
In the Analysis tab, you can configure additional parameters or information to capture during the delivery analysis phase.
In the personalization tab, you can add a delivery script that will be appended to all recipients of the delivery during the delivery analysis phase.
In the typology tab, you may include the default or a custom typology, which is a set of business rules applied during the delivery analysis phase.
Under the delivery tab you can set batch quantities, a time of dispatch, a period of retries, max number of retries, which is the number of times ACC will try to deliver the E-mail if it bounces, and set the mail formats.
In the validity tab you can define how long ACC will try resending bounced E-mails with the delivery duration and for how long the mirror page and images will be hosted, with the resources validity limit.
You can also change the mirror page management properties. In the tracking validity period to redirect URLs to another specified URL.
In the SMTP tab, you can define additional encoding and scripts and it can define delivery variables to append in the analysis logs in the variables tab.
The advanced tab let’s you select a service provider to connect to in order to retrieve creative components and select the content editing mode. If your ACC instance is connected with AEM, you would have the option to edit the template in AEM while working in ACC. DCE is the ACC digital content editor which enables you to do advanced ACC creative tasks in design mode. But, again, we recommend editing or designing the HTML in a graphic design tool like Dream Weaver or directly update code in the HTML source tab.