How to manage seed and proofs in an email

Learn how to add seeds and proofs to an existing email and how to send it.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video you will learn how to add seeds and proofs to an existing email and how to send it.
First of all, open your email.
Click the To button to start importing seeds and selecting proofs to your email.
In the new window displayed on screen select the tab named, Target of the proofs. It will allow you to add email addresses used as proofs to review your email before sending it.
Click the Add button, and choose the recipients you want to use as proofs. In this video the recipients are included in a specific folder.
When done click, finish.
The chosen proofs are added to the proof target. Now click the Seed addresses tab in order to add seeds to your email.
Click Import seed templates.
In the new window displayed onscreen, select the seeds you want, and click okay.
The seeds are now added to the list of seed addresses. Then click Okay.
Your email is now ready to be approved and sent.
To do that, click the send a proof button.
Check that the proof target is right, then click analyze.
When the analysis is done with no warnings, you can confirm the delivery.
Click yes to confirm.
The delivery has started.
When your proofs have received he email and validated it, you can send it to your recipient. Click the send button.
Start the analysis of the delivery.
When the analysis is successfully completed, you can submit the target for approval to campaign validators.
Click okay to confirm.
The target is submitted for approval, you can close the window.
In the delivery window you can check the delivery information.
If you have access to approval, click the approval button, and approve the targeting.
You can also submit the content, and approve it. If you do not have approval rights, wait for the validator confirmation.
Then confirm the delivery.
The delivery is sent to the recipients. Check the status line to know when the delivery is finished. You now know how to add seeds and proofs to your email and how to send it in Adobe Campaign. Thanks for watching.