Creating an email from a campaign

Learn how to create an email delivery directly from a campaign.

Welcome to Adobe Campaign. In this video, you will learn how to create an email in a campaign. First of all, click the Start button on the Adobe Campaign homepage. Then click Create.
A new window is displayed. Edit the campaign label and choose the parent program of your campaign. Then, select the start and end dates of your campaign.
You can add a short description to your campaign. When done, click Ok. The campaign is created and its dashboard is shown on screen. From this dashboard, you have access to several features. Click the Edit tab to modify your campaign information. Click the Targeting and workflows tab to add a workflow to your campaign. Targeting can be created via a combination of filtering conditions in a graphical sequence and a workflow. This lets you create populations and sub-populations that will be targeted according to your requirements. The target population is extracted from the Adobe Campaign database via one or more queries. Select the objects from the list to the left of the workspace and link them to construct the target. Click the Dashboard tab to return to the main interface. Select the Add a delivery action to create a new email.
Edit the email label in the new window displayed on-screen. You can add a delivery code, the nature of a delivery or a description to your email. When ready, click Continue. Click the To link to add the audience to your email. A new window is displayed. Click the Add button to define the target population. Double click the Filtering conditions option in the list of restriction filters. In this video, recipients that are 20 years old or older will be targeted to receive this delivery. Select the field under the Expression label to define your expression. Select Age from the recipient list and click the Finish button. Add an Operator to your conditions, then click the field under Value to define your value and click the Finish button. Your filtering condition is added to the delivery target population. Click Ok to confirm. The audience is shown in the right field. You can now write a subject for your email. Now select the folder icon to the HTML content tab to add your predefined HTML content. The chosen HTML content is displayed on-screen. Save your email. Your email is now added to your campaign. You can open it to edit it, submit its content to be approved and send it. You now know how to create an email in Adobe Campaign. Thanks for watching. - -