Create a SMS delivery

Learn how to create a SMS delivery.

Welcome. In this module, we will learn about the SMS delivery. Adobe Campaign lets you perform mass personalized deliveries of SMS messages. The recipient profiles must contain at least a mobile number. To send that delivery to a mobile phone, you need an external account specifying a connector and type of message. And the delivery template in which this external account is referenced. For this demo, we will use an existing SMPP external account and delivery template. I will now create an SMS delivery. To create a new SMS delivery, you can navigate to the delivery dashboard. Then click create.
In this window, select a delivery template, then identify your delivery with the label code and description. I want to select an existing template called event, we’re looking forward to seeing you. Click continue.
Here, I will select my target population to be a custom list that I created earlier called SMS delivery.
When you are configuring the SMS delivery far in advance of the actual delivery date, you can use the schedule function to set the date closer to when you want the delivery to go out. You can do this by clicking on schedule and then select the best option for you. You can see that we have the option to view, change, and preview the content of the SMS delivery. Click on preview and select that recipient to have a better understanding of your delivery. Once you are happy with the changes, you can press save.
When you’re ready to send your delivery, you can just click on this button and then click analyze and confirm the delivery. You can implement similar steps in a Campaign workflow.
Now you should be able to create an SMS delivery. Thank you for listening, and I’ll see you next time. -